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React + Redux

Come join us for a full day DevMeeting workshop on React.js and Redux!

Why should you be interested in React?

The MVC (Model-View-Controller) paradigm, used for many years, causes problems with state of data when used in large scale applications. Why? If there are many models that are connected to each another, how can we easily find out the conditions in which the app behaves incorrectly? Or ... how to deal with updating models if they can be modified by many asynchronous events?

Flux? Redux?

Flux - and in particular its specific implementation (Redux) - seems to be the solution to this problem. To render the app elements we will use the components provided by React. It is one of the most efficient solutions for UI generating. React+Redux together provide a solid base for building scalable SPA applications.

On this DevMeeting you will dive into both React and Redux – and you will have a chance to practice your new skills by implementing a simple, yet complete webshop application.

Join us!
DevMeetings Team

Why React?

React is becoming a more and more popular library used by a wide range of front-end developers all around the world. What are the advantages?

  • It's a library for creating powerful user interfaces built with components
  • It's easy to learn and to be implemented, also in existing software projects
  • Intuitive life cycle of components makes it easy to understand how the application works
  • React as a library does not force you to use a specific ecosystem or tools. It's a library, not framework.
  • React takes full advantage of the power of JavaScript; advanced algorithm for reducing operations on DOM combined with easy optimization is a great base for highly interactive interfaces
  • It's created by Facebook and having support of huge community and companies such as Netflix. It guarantees to be a reliable and proven developer platform
  • It's easy to expand and to manage
  • It provides great hints about errors and warnings
  • It prodives a well designed API, not changed very often; easy to upgrade to a higher version
  • There are solutions enabling the use of components on other platforms – iOS, Android

Why Redux?

Redux is an application state container inspired by Flux and Elm – it is very easy to get into it, whereas benefits of using it are really great.

  • It has support for Hot Reloading and Time Travel Debugger, which we will implement in the application built during the workshop.
  • It is free of defects and complexity of Flux, thanks to using a single container and the so-called reducers.
  • It encourages using immutable data structures, which directly translates into efficiency and simplifies debugging.
  • You can use it with any library or framework, it does not matter whether you prefer Angular, React or maybe vue.js.
  • Free of of complex data dependencies that are present in case of a bigger number of containers in libraries such as Alt.js
  • Popular and chosen by majority of teams creating React applications.

100% practical

During this workshop, the participants will build (from scratch) a simple online shop, learning about React+Redux, also in the context of solving real life problems, such as:

  • creating the first component
  • dividing application into multiple components
  • state of a component
  • capturing events
  • Redux
  • communication with an API

Practical information

Where: Venue in the city centre, the exact location will be mailed to the participants.

When: Saturday, 9th April 2016, start at 9.00 am (please arrive around 8.45), ending approx. at 4 pm.

What you should bring: BYOL: Bring Your Own Laptop. Catering (snacks, soda, coffee, tea and pizza lunch) will be provided.

Participation fee: Participation in the Pay What You Want model. More information here. Participants paying 100 USD or more will obtain a high-quality printed certificate of participation.

What is DevMeeting?

DevMeeting is a mix of hackathon and programming workshop. Throughout the day, participants implement a sample application – on their own and in teams. Experienced mentors supervise the learning process, support the participants with their help, provoke discussions and share their practical know-how, as well as best practices.

DevMeeting is not a lecture or a classic training. We focus on practical skills, coding and exchanging knowledge and experience. It is also a great opportunity to meet other developers and expand your professional network.

If you want to discover the atmosphere of DevMeeting, check out our YouTube channel (video from DevMeeting on 9th May 2015, Node.JS)

Registration is on!

In order to be able to participate in a DevMeeting, you must register.
Registration will start on 20th March!

9th of April 2016

Saturday, 9AM – 4PM local time

Seattle, New York, London

City Centre


In order to participate in a DevMeeting, you must register.
Registration will start on 20th March!