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Hybrid Apps with Ionic Framework

Full-day workshop dedicated to developers interested in building mobile applications using the Ionic Framework. If you are a web or frontend developer, you will get a chance to learn how to use your JavaScript/HTML/CSS skills to develop applications for mobile devices.

If you have already been creating native mobile apps, then you will be able to learn modern web technologies, based on JavaScript and see how to apply them in mobile applications.

During the DevMeeting we will focus on programming a complete hybrid mobile application for rating pictures: both downloaded from a remote website and those taken in the application using the phone camera.

Why Ionic?

Ionic framework is becoming popular all around the world. It is one of the most promising modern frameworks for building hybrid mobile applications. With Ionic SDK, we can create a mobile application for Android and iOS using the same codebase and components, as well as share business logic of the application. Ionic SDK also provides tools and services that make it much easier to create mobile applications.

For whom?

This DevMeeting is dedicated primarily to web developers who have experience in implementing Single Page Applications. You should already know JavaScript and we suggest that before the workshop you get familiar with the basics of AngularJS - as Ionic is in a large extent based on this framework.

See you at the DevMeeting!

Piotr Zwolinski
Founder of
piotr (at) devmeetings (dot) org


Introduction to hybrid mobile applications:

  • Presenting SDK Ionic
  • What you should know about hybrid applications

Getting to know the working environment used during the workshop

Your first hybrid mobile application:

  • Introduction to the project
  • Cleaning up the generated code

Basics techniques for implementing navigation:

  • View, controller, routing
  • Creating the main view of the application
  • Hamburger menu or tabs

Displaying photos:

  • Creating an images-download service
  • Displaying photos in the main view of the application

Gestures and navigation:

  • Adding a new view in the application
  • Adding gesture support

Accessing native resources of a device:

  • Introduction to ngCordova
  • Installing plugins
  • Taking a first picture
  • Using geolocation

List of photos:

  • Displaying a list of photos on a subpage
  • Digging deeoper into details

Connection to "the cloud":

  • Creating a database on Firebase
  • Storing and getting data via $http

Practical information

Where: Venue in the city centre, the exact location will be mailed to the participants.

When: Saturday, 9th April 2016, start at 9.00 am (please arrive around 8.45), ending approx. at 4 pm.

What you should bring: BYOL: Bring Your Own Laptop. Catering (snacks, soda, coffee, tea and pizza lunch) will be provided.

Participation fee: Participation in the Pay What You Want model. More information here. Participants paying 100 USD or more will obtain a high-quality printed certificate of participation.

What is DevMeeting?

DevMeeting is a mix of hackathon and programming workshop. Throughout the day, participants implement a sample application – on their own and in teams. Experienced mentors supervise the learning process, support the participants with their help, provoke discussions and share their practical know-how, as well as best practices.

DevMeeting is not a lecture or a classic training. We focus on practical skills, coding and exchanging knowledge and experience. It is also a great opportunity to meet other developers and expand your professional network.

If you want to discover the atmosphere of DevMeeting, check out our YouTube channel (video from DevMeeting on 9th May 2015, Node.JS)

Registration is on!

In order to be able to participate in a DevMeeting, you must register.
Registration will start on 20th March!

9th of April 2016

Saturday, 9AM – 4PM local time

Seattle, New York, London

City Centre


In order to participate in a DevMeeting, you must register.
Registration will start on 20th March!