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Dive into ECMAScript 2015 (ES6)

Come and join us for a full-day workshop focusing on ECMAScript 2015 / ES6 (Harmony) - the current version of the JavaScript standard.

During this DevMeeting you will learn the most important concepts of the language, implement a complete application using ES2015 and meet other developers starting out with ES6, as well as mentors who already have experience in implementating applications using this version of the language.

See you!
Piotr Zwolinski

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Why ES6?

ECMAScript 6, also known as ECMAScript 2015 is the current version of the ECMA standard, which is the base of languages such as JavaScript or ActionScript. ES6 brings significant changes compared to the previous version, which was published in 2009. Most of the browsers already offer support for some of the new features, and many more will be added soon.

ECMA organization rolls out a carpet for us. The carpet on which you and I will soon walk. As of today, this carpet is not yet fully rolled out, so if you want to experience what it feels like to walk on it, you need to use linoleum, which is only a modest replacement. The linoleum of this story is transpiler, e.g. Babel.js or Traceur. The carpet is ECMAScript 6.


During the DevMeeting you will learn the following concepts of ES6 language.

Variables, arrays and objects:

  • let and const instead of var
  • blocks and a range of variables
  • spread, that is simpler operations on lists
  • destructuring assignment which makes it easier to use objects


  • default parameters
  • grouping parameters
  • new syntax: arrow functions


  • the introduction of syntax
  • Symbols and private variables
  • getting and saving data (getters and setters)
  • static variables
  • expanding classes – inheritance and Object.assign


  • sets – set and WeakSet
  • maps – Map and WeakMap

Modules, generators and Promises:

  • definition of modules and loading them
  • generators,
  • Promises

Examples of topics

Should you become friends with ECMAScript 2015? Just take a look a the following 2 examples of language elements that will be discussed on this DevMeeting.

Block scope

Until now, there was only one scope of variables in JS: a function scope. Therefore, creating a private variable in ES5 needed using a trick: a self executing function / a closure. In ES6 instead of a function we can use block {} and let to declare a variable within a scope of a given block; we define function in a usual way and it is available outside of the block.


Both in JS and ES6 there are no real classes – the inheritance is carried out through prototypes. It is perfectly visible in the following example written in JS (left), in which we define a constructor function and add methods to its prototype. ES6 (right) does not change how it works, but allows you to use nicer and more transparent syntax (it's called syntax sugar).

100% practical

DevMeeting is focused on implementing a sample application, which allows you to learn the functionalities of ECMAScript 2015 in a practical way, as well as to immediately apply acquired skills in a small, yet complete project.

This time we have prepared two applications that you can implement – on the DevMeeting you will choose which one do you want to work on.

Application 1: DevTinder

Maximally simplified clone version of Tinder app. User can view and rate presented photos.

Application 2: PlacesRating

Application similar to Foursquare: you can mark and rate locations all around the world on Google Maps.

Practical information

Where: Venue in the city centre, the exact location will be mailed to the participants.

When: Saturday, 9th April 2016, start at 9.00 am (please arrive around 8.45), ending approx. at 4 pm.

What you should bring: BYOL: Bring Your Own Laptop. Catering (snacks, soda, coffee, tea and pizza lunch) will be provided.

Participation fee: Participation in the Pay What You Want model. More information here. Participants paying 100 USD or more will obtain a high-quality printed certificate of participation.

What is DevMeeting?

DevMeeting is a mix of hackathon and programming workshop. Throughout the day, participants implement a sample application – on their own and in teams. Experienced mentors supervise the learning process, support the participants with their help, provoke discussions and share their practical know-how, as well as best practices.

DevMeeting is not a lecture or a classic training. We focus on practical skills, coding and exchanging knowledge and experience. It is also a great opportunity to meet other developers and expand your professional network.

If you want to discover the atmosphere of DevMeeting, check out our YouTube channel (video from DevMeeting on 9th May 2015, Node.JS)

Registration is on!

In order to be able to participate in a DevMeeting, you must register.
Registration will start on 20th March!

9th of April 2016

Saturday, 9AM – 4PM local time

Seattle, New York, London

City Centre


In order to participate in a DevMeeting, you must register.
Registration will start on 20th March!