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Angular 2

DevMeetings team invites you to a full-day workshop on Angular 2 with TypeScript and ES2015.

Although Angular 2 is still in the beta phase, its most important concepts shouldn’t change anymore. More and more development teams use this version of the framework for implementing production ready webapplications and it's the best proof that the solution is mature. If you plan to use Angular in your projects, you don't need to wait any longer. We strongly encourage to learn and master Angular 2 now - together with TypeScript, a language compiled to JavaScript.

Why Angular 2?

The creators of Angular 2 wanted to break with many concepts of the first version of the framework. Main objective was to introduce a solution which would perfectly cooperate with modern browsers that get support for ES2015/2016.

That is why many parts of Angular have been thoroughly analysed and created from scratch. The most important changes include:

  • detecting changes based mainly on immutable data structures and observable objects
  • putting stronger emphasis on writing object-oriented code
  • rebuilt dependency injection container, now also allowing creating a hierarchy of containers
  • major simplification of the services concept
  • dynamic loading of components during the application life-cycle
  • breaking with strict attachment to DOM, which in result enables rendering on the server side
  • simplified implementation of custom components and communication between them
  • simplified form management

As you can see, the list of changes is quite large and some of them make a great improvement compared to the first version. Many of them are the answers to the problems and needs that have been discovered by the users working with Angular 1. Some of them also result from development of JavaScript language and improvement of browser functionalities. It means that we get a tool which is much easier to understand and use, as well as providing less of "magic" behaviour and more of the expectable ones. In a nutshell – a very good tool, tailored to meet the demands of modern front-end.

100% practical

During the workshop, the participants will implement a simple online shop from scratch using Angular 2, ES2015 and TypeScript and will get a chance of facing real project problems, such as:

  • How to use TypeScript so that it helps rather than stands in your way?
  • How to make your application independent from the back-end for testing purposes?
  • How to conveniently validate data in a form and send it further on?
  • How to build components and organise communication between them so that your code does not look like spaghetti?


Rapid TypeScript and ES2015 refresher.

NOTE: On the DevMeeting we will devote no more than 45 minutes to revise the main concepts of ES2015 and TypeScript. We strongly suggest that the participants learn the basics of ES2015 / TypeScript on their own before the workshop.

  • types declaration
  • interfaces
  • classes
  • module system
  • decorators
  • promises

Application skeleton and the basics of working with Angular 2:

  • application skeleton
  • displaying data
  • basic directives

Components and event handling:

  • the concept of components
  • creating custom components
  • event handling
  • communication between components
  • creating custom events

Services and dependency injection container:

  • the concept of services
  • the concept (and needs) for dependency injection
  • creating own services
  • using dependency injection container
  • creating exchangeable, universal services

Forms and data formatting options:

  • creating forms
  • data validation
  • the concept of pipes
  • creating custom pipes

Communication with external APIs:

  • the concepts in the new http-module
  • using http module to communicate with back-end
  • http alternatives

Routing and navigation:

  • the concepts of the component-based routing
  • using routing for navigation

Practical information

Where: Venue in the city centre, the exact location will be mailed to the participants.

When: Saturday, 9th April 2016, start at 9.00 am (please arrive around 8.45), ending approx. at 4 pm.

What you should bring: BYOL: Bring Your Own Laptop. Catering (snacks, soda, coffee, tea and pizza lunch) will be provided.

Participation fee: Participation in the Pay What You Want model. More information here. Participants paying 100 USD or more will obtain a high-quality printed certificate of participation.

What is DevMeeting?

DevMeeting is a mix of hackathon and programming workshop. Throughout the day, participants implement a sample application – on their own and in teams. Experienced mentors supervise the learning process, support the participants with their help, provoke discussions and share their practical know-how, as well as best practices.

DevMeeting is not a lecture or a classic training. We focus on practical skills, coding and exchanging knowledge and experience. It is also a great opportunity to meet other developers and expand your professional network.

If you want to discover the atmosphere of DevMeeting, check out our YouTube channel (video from DevMeeting on 9th May 2015, Node.JS)

Registration is on!

In order to be able to participate in a DevMeeting, you must register.
Registration will start on 20th March!

9th of April 2016

Saturday, 9AM – 4PM local time

Seattle, New York, London

City Centre


In order to participate in a DevMeeting, you must register.
Registration will start on 20th March!