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What is DevMeeting?

A full-day workshop for developers with passion, offered in the "Pay What You Want" formula

Workshop + hackathon mix

Learn from mentors and code together with peer participants.

Developers with passion

Only motivated developers, willing to learn, share experience and code together.

Saturday, 8 hours long

Enough time dive into new technology and implement a complete app.

Real world projects

Implement a webshop, a chat or another small, yet complete project

Experienced mentors

Learn from mentors, gain from their expertise, discuss best practices

Modern topics

Dive into bleeding edge topics like Angular 2, React+Redux, ES2015

What do the participants say?

Thanks to everyone who put the event together, the hosts and mentors! It really seemed like there was something for everyone at this event, from the junior dev to seasoned professionals.

In my experience this is sometimes not the case esp. when dealing with advanced topics, and I feel that it says a lot about the event organization.

The tutorial format and mentoring was probably the best I've seen at a meetup of this kind so far. It was a very valuable experience!


Blake S.
Ecmascript 6, Seattle, WA

Loved the AngularJS workshop!! Definitely great to have gotten an in-depth taste of JQuery.


Andrew Y.
AngularJS, Seattle, WA

Great workshop! Looking forward to the next meetup ;)


Paul S.
AngularJS, Oslo, Norway

Thanks for the meetup! Excellent material and help from the organisers. Even though I had no experience in web development I was able to follow along and learned a lot.


Tony H.
AngularJS, Oslow, Norway

Awesome workshop.. thank you for doing yhis. It is a saturday very well spent...


AngularJS, Seattle, WA

Who's behind it?

Piotr Zwolinski

Since 2008, I organise workshops for programmers, I have also participated in the organisation of the first edition of the Front-Trends conference.

Over 12 years experience in J2EE and JavaScript. Currently advising companies within the field of software development, I also organise development workshops and take care of the DevMeetings.com-community.

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Tomek Drwiega

Java and JavaScript Developer, passionate about web and new technologies. Constantly looking for new challenges and alternative solutions.

Computer scientist and developer for a long time – having first begun with Turbo Pascal, and going through Delphi, HTML, PHP, JavaScript to the "real programming" in C, Python and Java. Linux lover and a man up for impossible, difficult and hopeless tasks.

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